Dearborn County 4-H Fair Winners Announced

There is still more fair fun to enjoy Friday and Saturday.

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(Lawrenceburg, Ind.) - It has been an eventful week at the Dearborn County 4-H and Community Fair. 

So far, champions and top performers have been announced in the following contests: 4-H Royalty, Alpaca, Cats and Pocket Pets, Dog, Goat, Horse and Pony, Poultry, and Swine. 

A full list of winners can be viewed below. 

More fair fun will take place on Friday and Saturday. 

Friday's festivities include the Pork Chop Dinner (3:30-7:00 PM), Royal Bengal Tigers Show, Woodworking Demonstration, and Kiwanis 4-H Livestock Sale. 

Events for Saturday include the return of the Royal Bengal Tigers Show, McKay Family Farm Exotic Animal Show, “Let’s Make a Deal” game show and more.

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2022 4-H ROYALTY 

Prince—Tyler Stenger 

Princess—Caylee Minges 

King—Aaron Jarvis 

Queen-Riley Shumate 



Grand Champion Halter—Alyson Galey 

Grand Champion Costume Alpaca—Ashton Galey 

Grand Champion Obstacle Course Alpaca—Anna Bergmann 

Rookie Alpaca Showman—Nordica Hughes 

Intermediate Alpaca Showman—Ashton Galey 

Sr. Alpaca Showman—Anna Bergmann 

Sr. Reserve Alpaca Showman—Alyson Galey 

All 4-H Alpaca Showman—Brie Kirk 

All 4-H Reserve Alpaca Showman—Reagan Whitehead 

Reserve Grand Champion Costume Alpaca—Alyson Galey 


Champion Cat—Maggie Burkhard 

Junior Cat Showman—Vaida Cox 

Intermediate Cat Showman—Sydney Montgomery 

Senior Cat Showman—Alyson Galey 

Champion Pocket Pets—Matthew Bruce 



Agility Beginner A—Sydney Montgomery 

Agility Beginner B—Chloe Lattire 

Agility Intermediate B—Julia Bulach 

Obedience Class 1A—Sydney Montgomery 

Obedience Class 1B—Chloe Lattire 

Obedience Class 2B—Julia Bulach 

Junior Showmanship—Sydney Montgomery 

Supreme Dog Showman—Chloe Lattire 

Senior Dog Showman—Julia Bulach 


Grand Champion Milking Doe—Preston Gabbard 

Reserve Grand Champion Milking Doe—Emily Stenger 

Champion Pygmy—Ellie Shuter 

Reserve Champion Pygmy—Carissa Shaw 

Champion Fainting-Landon Smith 

Champion Dry Doe—Emily Stenger 

Reserve Champion Dry Doe—Riley Shumate 

Champion Get of Sire—Riley Shumate 

Champion Produce of Dam—Morgan Lawrence 

Champion Mother/Daughter—Emily Stenger 

Champion Nigerian Wether—Emily Stenger 

Junior Goat Showman—Landon Smith 

Junior Goat Reserve Showman—Carissa Shaw 

Intermediate Goat Showman—Riley Shumate 

Intermediate Goat Reserve Showman—Emily Stenger 

Senior Goat Showman—Morgan Lawrence 

Senior Goat Reserve Showman—Adam Miller 

All 4-H Daily Goat Showman—Jacob Kuhn 

All 4-H Reserve Dairy Goat Showman—Rozalee Bear 

Rookie Showman—Peyton Zinser 

Grand Champion Market Wether—Jacob Miller 

Reserve Grand Champion Market Wether—Alyson Galey 

Champion Homegrown Market Wether—Andrew Shuter 

Champion Rate of Gain Market Wether Winners—Jacob Kuhn, Maegan Galey, Morgan Lawrence,  

Jacob Miller, Morgan Lawrence, Cole Minges, Alyson Galey, Cassie Callahan 

Grand Champion Boer Doe—Ellie Shuter 

Reserve Grand Champion Boer Doe—Alyson Galey 

Champion Mother/Daughter—Eli Bruce 

Champion Sr. Percentage Boer Doe—Liam Patterson 

Reserve Champion Sr. Percentage Boer Doe—Eli Bruce 

Champion Jr. Percentage Boer Doe—Ellie Shuter 

Reserve Champion Jr. Percentage Boer Doe—Alyson Galey 

Jr. Percentage Boer Doe-0-3 Months Class Winner—Eli Bruce 

Jr. Percentage Boer Doe-3-6 Months Class Winner—Alyson Galey 

Jr. Percentage Boer Doe-6-12 Months Class Winner—Ellie Shuter 

Sr. Percentage Boer Doe-36 Months and Up—Liam Patterson 

Jr. Percentage Boer Doe-12-24 Months—Matthew Bruce 

Jr. Boer Goat Showman--Ashley Kuhn 

Jr. Boer Goat Reserve Showman—Carrissa Shaw 

Intermediate Boer Goat Showman—Emily Klem 

Intermediate Boer Goat Reserve Showman—Ellie Shuter 

Sr. Boer Goat Showman—Jacob Kuhn 

Sr. Boer Goat Reserve Showman—Alyson Galey 

Overall Boer Showman—Jacob Kuhn 

Overall Boer Reserve Showman—Alyson Galey 

All 4-H Goat Showman—Rozalee Bear 

All 4-H Reserve Goat Showman—Reagan Whitehead 


Grand Champion Halter Horse—Rozalee Bear 

Reserve Grand Champion Halter Horse—Bailey Griffin 

Good Grooming—Morgan Lawrence 

56” & Under Halter—Erika Kraus 

Open Draft Horse Halter—Rozalee Bear 

Mare Over 57”—Bailey Griffin 

Gelding Over 57”—Sydney Montgomery 

Senior Showmanship—Izabella Bear 

Reserve Senior Showmanship—Maggie Burkhard 

Intermediate Showmanship—Rozalee Bear 

Junior Showmanship—Sloane Bashor 

Reserve Junior Showmanship—Sydney Montgomery 

Novice Showmanship—Bailey Griffin 

Reserve Novice Showmanship—Juliet Allen 

Grand Champion Showmanship—Izabella Bear 

Reserve Grand Champion Showmanship—Maggie Burkhard 

English Pleasure—Izabella Bear 

Senior Ranch Pleasure—Felicity Bohman 

Junior Ranch Pleasure—Sloane Bashor 

English Equitation—Morgan Lawrence 

Walk Trot-Novice—Bailey Griffin 

Walk Trot—Morgan Lawrence 

Pony Pleasure 56” & Under—Erika Kraus 

Sr. Western Pleasure—Morgan Lawrence 

Jr. Western Pleasure—Sydney Montgomery 

Jr. Western Horsemanship—Sydney Montgomery 

Sr. Trail—Felicity Bohman 

Jr. Trail—Sloane Bashor 

Sr. Pole Bending—Felicity Bohman 

Jr. Pole Bending—Sloane Bashor 

Sr. Barrel Race—Felicity Bohman 

Jr. Barrel Race—Alizabeth Bear 

Sr. Flag Race—Felicity Bohman 

Jr. Flag Race—Erika Kraus 

Keyhole Sr.—Felicity Bohman 

Keyhole Jr.—Sloane Bashor 

Sr. Speed & Action—Felicity Bohman 

Jr. Speed & Action—Alizabeth Bear 

Egg & Spoon Fun Class—Morgan Lawrence 

Chin & Apple Fun Class—Morgan Lawrence 

Ribbon Race—Sloane Bashor, Alizabeth Bear 

High Point Jr. Performance—Sloane Bashor 

High Point Sr. Performance—Izabella Bear 

High Point Jr. Contesting—Sloane Bashor 

High Point Sr. Contesting—Felicity Bohman 


Grand Champion Market Duck—Emma Gutfreund 

Champion Exhibition Female Duck—Emma Gutfreund 

Reserve Champion Exhibition Male Duck—Bryson Batch 

Champion Exhibition Duck—Emma Gutfreund 

Reserve Champion Exhibition Duck—Emma Gutfreund 

Grand Champion Market Poultry—Evan Kuhn 

Reserve Grand Champion Market Poultry—Bo Ober 

Grand Champion Female Poultry Pair—Emma Gutfreund 

Reserve Grand Champion Female Poultry Pair—Evan Kuhn 

Best Exhibition In Show Exhibition Poultry—Tyler Stenger 

Bantam Pullet Class Winner—Tyler Stenger 

Champion Roaster Pair—Riley Shumate 

Bantam Cockerel Class Winner—Tyler Stenger 

Reserve Best Exhibition In Show Exhibition Poultry—Emma Gutfreund 

Large Fowl Cock Class Winner—Riley Shumate 

Champion Exhibition Bantam—Tyler Stenger 

Reserve Champion Exhibition Bantam—Tyler Stenger 

Bantam Cock Class Winner—Tyler Stenger 

Bantam Hen Class Winner—Tyler Stenger 

Large Fowl Hen Class Winner—Charlotte Studt 

Champion Hen Pair—Emma Gutfreund 

Champion Broiler Pair—Evan Kuhn 

Champion Pullet Pair—Evan Kuhn 

Champion Exhibition Large Fowl—Riley Shumate 

Reserve Champion Exhibition Large Fowl—Charlotte Studt 

Large Fowl Cockerel Class—Emma Gutfreund 

Large Fowl Pullet Class Winner—Megan Ryan 

Champion Brown Shell Eggs—Evan Kuhn 

Champion White Shell Eggs—Emma Gutfreund 

Champion All Other Variety Eggs—Josephine Shaut 

Novice Poultry Showman—Braven Combs 

Junior Poultry Showman—Megan Ryan 

Intermediate Poultry Showman—Tyler Stenger 

Senior Poultry Showman—Mary Ryan 

Rabbit Ambassador Intermediate—Brettlyn Haugh-Holland 

Rabbit Ambassador Senior—Autumn Mitchell 

Rabbit Ambassador Master—Anna Bergmann 

Rabbit Meat Pen Class Winners—Cassie Callahan, Jake Lutz, Megan Lutz, Nolan Stenger 

Best of Show Grand Champion Rabbit—Beckett Wagner 

Best of Show Reserve Grand Champion Rabbit—Hayden Werner 

Best of Breed Winners—Brettlyn Haugh-Holland, Cassie Callahan, Hayden Werner, Autumn Mitchell,  

Avery Harrington, Charleigh Fox, Bronson Ober, Braven Combs, Anna Bergmann, Nora Hisle,  

Sarah Combs, Avery Harrington, Autumn Mitchell 

Novice Rabbit Showman—Charleigh Fox 

Junior Rabbit Showman—Nolan Stenger 

Intermediate Rabbit Showman—Brettlyn Haugh-Holland 

Senior Rabbit Showman—Autumn Mitchell 

Master Rabbit Showman—Anna Bergmann 

Champion Homegrown Rabbit-Jake Lutz 


Grand Champion Burrow—Lauren Phillips 

Reserve Grand Champion Burrow—Alyson Galey 

Champion Homegrown Barrow—Wyatt Smith 

Champion Barrow-Lightweight Division—Lauren Phillips 

Champion Barrow Mediumweight Division—Alyson Galey 

Champion Barrow Heavyweight Division—Lauren Phillips 

Swine Barrow Class Winners—Rozalee Bear, Alyson Galey, Lauren Phillips, Maegan Galey, Lauren Phillips,  

Wyatt Smith, Ashtyn Galey 

Grand Champion Gilt—Maegan Galey 

Reserve Grand Champion Gilt—Joey Herth 

Champion Homegrown Gilt—Wyatt Smith 

Champion Litter Class—Wyatt Smith 

Champion Chester White Gilt—Maegan Galey 

Champion Crossbred Gilt—Joey Herth 

Champion Duroc Gilt—Maegan Galey 

Champion Hampshire Gilt—Rozalee Bear 

Champion Poland China Gilt—Alyson Galey 

Champion Yorkshire Gilt—Alyson Galey 

Rookie Swine Showman—Ayden Schebler 

Junior Swine Showman—Landon Smith 

Intermediate Swine Showman—Wyatt Smith 

Intermediate Reserve Swine Showman—Rozalee Bear 

Senior Swine Showman—Maegan Galey 

Senior Swine Reserve Showman—Kari Klem 



Grand Champion Steer—Caylee Minges 

Reserve Grand Champion Steer—Bradley Kolb 

Champion Homegrown Steer—Bradley Kolb 

Champion Rate of Grain—Joey Herth 

Beef Steer Class Winners—Jacob Kuhn, Emily Klem, Izabella Bear, Cole Minges, Bradley Kolb, 

 Caylee Minges 

Grand Champion Heifer—Caylee Minges 

Reserve Grand Champion Heifer—Bradley Kolb 

Champion Homegrown Heifer—Izabella Bear 

Champion Angus Heifer—Cole Minges 

Champion Commercial Heifer—Jack Rosenberger 

Champion Hereford—Kari Klem 

Champion Mainetainer Heifer—Bradley Kolb 

Jr. Beef Showman—Caylee Minges 

Jr. Beef Reserve Showman—Jack Rosenberger 

Intermediate Beef Showman—Cole Minges 

Intermediate Beef Reserve Showman—Rozalee Bear 

Sr. Beef Showman—Izabella Bear 

Sr. Beef Reserve Showman—Bradley Kolb 


Grand Champion Dairy Female—Bernadette Wismann 

Reserve Grand Champion Dairy Female—Damien Dunn 

Champion Homegrown Diary Female—Oliver Wismann 

Champion Holstein Female—Damien Dunn 

Champion Jersey Female—Bernadette Wismann 

Rookie Dairy Showman—Damien Dunn 

Rookie Reserve Dairy Showman—Sawyer Wismann 

Jr. Dairy Showman—Oliver Wismann 

Intermediate Dairy Showman—Nicholas Wismann 

Sr. Dairy Showman—Bernadette Wismann 

Overall Dairy Showman—Nicholas Wismann 

Overall Dairy Reserve Showman—Bernadette Wismann 

All 4-H Dairy Showman—Jacob Miller 

All 4-H Reserve Dairy Showman—Riley Shumate 


Champion Supreme Showman-Large Animal—Maegan Galey 

Reserve Champion Supreme Showman-Large Animal—Alyson Galey 

Champion Supreme Showman-Small Animal—Autumn Mitchell 

Reserve Champion Supreme Showman-Small Animal—Bryson Batch 

Champion Supreme Showman-Small Animal—Autumn Mitchell 

Reserve Champion Supreme Showman-Small Animal—Bryson Batch 

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