Senior Sendoffs

Whether you are graduating high school or college, Eagle Country 99.3 recognizes this big moment in your life. 

That's why we have partnered with FCN Bank to announce Senior Sendoffs on Your Hometown Radio Station. 

Simply fill out the form below with the name of the student, the high school or college they are graduating from, accolades and extracurricular activities and future plans. 

Beginning May 1, Bubba Bo, Happy Jack and Double T will recognize area seniors and their accomplishments during their on-air shifts. 

Congratulations to all our area seniors!!! 

NOTE: Our daily Senior Sendoffs are posted below to ensure everyone hears their name and accomplishments! 


Friday, May 1 

Cristian Hernandez (Lawrenceburg HS), Skylar Durham (Rising Sun HS), Angel Kyle (Lawrenceburg HS), Hailey Smith (Milan HS), Johnathon Deal (Jac-Cen-Del HS) and Max Bowne (Rising Sun HS). 

Monday, May 4

Maizie Lowe (South Dearborn HS), Emma Levi (Rising Sun HS), Lizzy Lusk (Lawrenceburg HS), Hailee Woliung (South Ripley HS), Ethan Moore (Milan HS) and Erica Karn (Milan HS).

Tuesday, May 5

Emmy Dehner (Franklin County HS), Simon Estanislao (St. Henry HS), Madison Schmidt (Milan HS), Timothy Jutzi (Milan HS), Chloe Wissmann (Milan HS) and Reagan Nanz (Lawrenceburg HS). 

Wednesday, May 6

Belle Watson (East Central HS), Wyatt Pettit (South Dearborn HS), Lucy Stedam (Mercy Mcauley HS), Shy Higham (Rising Sun HS), Cionna Bailey (Milan HS), Katelyn Wilzbach (East Central HS) and Noah Lane (South Dearborn HS). 

Thursday, May 7

Alexandra Williams (South Ripley HS), Andrea Myers (South Ripley HS), Kennedy Williams (South Dearborn HS), Dakota Sams (Milan HS), Jake Schwarz (Lawrenceburg HS) and Jayna Pennington (East Central HS). 

Friday, May 8 

Tristyn Dennis (Lawrenceburg HS), Bryanna LaGreca (South Dearborn High School), Adam Dixon (South Dearborn HS), Andrew Roth (Lawrenceburg HS), Katy Wyly (Lawrenceburg HS) and Justin Day (Switzerland County HS). 

Monday, May 11

Madison Stapleton (East Central HS), Taylor Brinson (South Ripley HS), Caine Gindling (East Central HS), Kinsey Price (Rising Sun HS), Kanen Jackson (South Dearborn HS), Quinton Rowlett

Tuesday, May 12

Sierra Ledesma (Lawrenceburg HS), Emily Garcia (East Central HS), Brandon McGraw (South Dearborn HS), Andrew Ober (East Central HS), Stephen Gant (Lawrenceburg HS), Earl Wilhelm (Saint Mary of the Woods College). 

Wednesday, May 13

Alyssa Pettigrew (South Dearborn HS), Sam Evans (South Ripley HS), Evan Bockover (Indiana State University), Madison White (University of Cincinnati), Haley Bockover (Greensburg HS) and Haylee McDaniel (South Dearborn HS). 

Thursday, May 14

Lily Phelps (Milan HS), Emalee Halloran (Rising Sun HS), Hannah Halbig (South Dearborn HS), Regan Carroll (Jac-Cen-Del HS), Lilly McCartney (Lawrenceburg HS) and Abigayle Walston (Lawrenceburg HS). 

Friday, May 15

Kassidy Romans (Rising Sun HS), Katelynn Osman (East Central HS), Timothy Cutter (Rising Sun HS), Brittany Schwarz (IUPUI), Evan Ludwig (East Central HS) and Patrick Mitchell (Lawrenceburg HS).

Monday, May 18

Jason Wickersham (Milan HS), Megan Laflin, Gage Crone (East Central HS), Brittany Sullivan (Switzerland County HS), Zachary Kozlowski (Lawrenceburg HS) and Austin Walters (South Dearborn HS). 

Tuesday, May 19

Jaelynn Gross (Lawrenceburg HS), Jacob Deutsch (Batesville HS), Harley Eldridge (Milan HS), Cale Beck (South Ripley HS), Madison McAdams (East Central HS) and Matthew Sedler (Oldenburg Academy). 

Wednesday, May 20

Reed Martin (Rising Sun HS), Mason Kennedy (Lawrenceburg HS), Josie Hufford (South Dearborn HS), Adam Huber (Oldenburg Academy), John Canfield (Switz. Co. HS), Aidan Land (South Dearborn HS) and Cheyenne Goddard (South Ripley HS). 

Thursday, May 21

Alivia Gill (Lawrenceburg HS), Corey Johnson (South Dearborn HS), Bailey Ball (Milan HS), Savannah Hoffman (Milan HS), Chris Powers (Shawe Memorial HS), Ned Thompson (South Dearborn HS) and Peyton Hartman (Lawrenceburg HS). 

Friday, May 22

Peighton Cook (LHS, Ball St.), A.J. Boes (Rising Sun HS), Halle Renck (Batesville HS), Riley Ampt (South Dearborn HS), Alyssa Baker (South Dearborn HS) and Molly Dunn (Lawrenceburg HS). 

Tuesday, May 26

Gavin Yoon (Lawrenceburg HS), Kelsey Wilburn (Rising Sun HS), Kentin Schwarte (Lawrenceburg HS), Kaitlyn Schwarte (Lawrenceburg HS) and Cierra Copeland (South Ripley HS). 

Wednesday, May 27

Deanna Voris (Switzerland County HS), Dalton Guthrie (South Dearborn HS), Bailey Hatton (East Central HS) and Kaden Kittle (Rising Sun HS). 

Thursday, May 28

Justin Lillis (Milan HS), Hannah Couch (Lawrenceburg HS) and Molly Goins (Franklin County HS). 

Friday, May 29

Jessica Starkey (Milan HS) and Dalton Snelling (Rising Sun HS). 

Monday, June 1 

Amanda Peacock (Switzerland County HS), Elizabeth Meyer (East Central HS) and Rachel Kittle (South Dearborn HS). 



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